Established in 1978, NiTEC are leading specialists in the electroless nickel plating process.

As a specialist plating company we have developed a wide range of techniques and we are able to provide a high-end, cost-effective service.

With a total of 9 production lines comprising 7 dedicated to nickel and 2 to copper, alongside a standard lead time of 5 days, our capacity and turnaround is fast and efficient.

At NiTEC, we have tanks up to 10 metres in length with a lifting capacity of up to 25 metric tonnes. These 2 features are unique in the UK, as the maximum competitive solution is only 3 metres in length. This means that we can plate parts of all sizes, from small pins to large applications such as oil pipelines.

Our onsite laboratory facilities ensure that all our processes are closely controlled. This coupled with our ongoing investment in instrumentation, meaning that thickness and hardness measurements can be obtained using various testing methods, means that we can maintain our high level of quality.

With over 40 years' experience, we have developed a wide range of techniques including the diffused nickel plating process, to plate all manner of substrates, from common steels to the more exotic types such as titanium. You can find out more about some of our recent projects on our case studies page and news section.

All our line staff are time served in their own disciplines, meaning that every job is managed by personnel with a knowledge and understanding of the specialist process of electroless nickel plating.

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  • More About NiTEC

    We plate anything from pins to large castings of up to 25 tonnes in weight.

  • More About NiTEC

    We have been in the plating industry for over 40 years.

  • More About NiTEC

    Our UK-leading capabilities mean we can plate almost anything, no matter the scale.

  • More About NiTEC

    We are flexible to meet your requirements, with unrivalled capacity, fast turnaround and several options for finishing and treatments.

Our Capabilities

We have a flexible approach to customer requirements and offer supporting finishes such as bright copper plating, as well as treatments including shot blasting and heat treatment.

No job is too large or too small for us as a plating company. We regularly electroless nickel plate components from small pins and connectors to large castings weighing up to 25 tonnes. The shape and volume of our processing can also be changed to accommodate our customer needs.

Some of our regular customers enjoy the sport of trying to find something too obscure for us to plate, be it dimensions or material...

We are rarely defeated.

We are constantly improving our service

Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we have developed different types of treatments and techniques to achieve the end use requirements. Our coatings can thus be applied to a wide range of component types and environments ranging from the desert to arctic conditions, to the middle of the ocean, above and beneath the waves. We have recently developed our specialist marine coating, specifically designed to enhance marine corrosion resistance.

SEATEC 100 which can sustain harsh marine conditions for thousands of hours. Learn all about our recently developed

SEATEC 100 here.

Services & Applications

Electroless Nickel Plating

The electroless nickel plating process is a high quality, cost effective solution for coating metals such as mild or stainless steel.

Diffused Nickel Plating

The simple process of diffused nickel plating is the most effective coating to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

SeaTEC 100 Marine Corrosion Prevention

The simple process of diffused nickel plating is the most effective coating to ensure the highest levels of corrosion resistance.

High Quality Marine Corrosion Protection