What Makes NiTEC Unique?

What Makes NiTEC Unique?

As the UK’s leading electroless nickel plating company, NiTEC has been delivering a wide array of techniques and services since 1978. 


We boast a total of nine production lines, with tanks up to 10 metres in length and a lifting capacity of up to 25 metric tonnes – a feature unique to us in the UK, with the nearest competitive solution measuring just three metres in length. 


Our unrivalled capacity makes us faster and more efficient, giving us a standard of lead time of just five days along with the ability to plate components of many sizes – from tiny pins to large oil pipelines. We lend our electroless nickel plating and diffused nickel plating services to a variety of industries, from the aerospace and automotive industries to military and marine.  


One of our most sought after services is our exclusive diffused nickel plating, developed by our specialist team specifically to protect mild steel in sub-sea conditions. Products treated by diffused nickel plating are given a 30-year subsea guarantee by our customers, an unprecedented time within the industry.


Are you looking for nickel plating services? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us and let us know about your latest project.

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