Bright Future for NiTEC

Bright Future for NiTEC

The EU process began in 2008 where it took four years for the sale of incandescent light bulbs to be prevented.  They were banned due to their inadequate performance and due to them not being eco-friendly because they consumed such a large amount of electricity.  Therefore, they were removed from supermarket shelves and replaced by the well-known LED which are much more efficient.

The Industry of Plating

Both the electronic and automotive industry, along with the majority of British households and road engineers for street lighting, are all using LED lights.  These LED substrate can be silver plated either by rack which is the conventional method or by a much more modern method, reel-to-reel plating procedures.  Plating differs due to differing thickness ranging from 20 to 150 A/dm².

Bright Lights

Why are LED lights so bright?  LED lights are bright because they are part of a low free-cyanide silver process which contains brightener additives, which in turn, creates high luminosity.  LEDs are therefore much more eco-friendly and cost effective because they use a fraction of the electricity of a regular incandescent bulb.

Deep Treatment for Heat Treatment

Initially heated for 60 minutes, the silver deposits which were originally used in order to plate LEDs at 200° were quickly by a lower temperature for twice the time.  So instead, the silver deposits are heated for 120 minutes at 170°C.  However, it wasn’t long until it was identified that significant reflectivity was lost during the two hours heat time.  It was decided, therefore, that a post-dip was going to be used to prevent the loss in reflectivity and that this was to be done via an aqueous treatment post heat treatment.  This seems so far to have worked, having been tested on an array of nickel types, at high temperatures and with the nickel being treated for shorter lengths of time (up to 1 minute), and it was found that the GAM measurements do not particularly diminish at all.  Thus, proving the effectiveness of the combination of plating, heat treatment and the post-dip aqueous treatment as a winning combination.

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If you or your business are interested in plating, such as electroless nickel plating or diffused nickel plating, heat treatment or have a special project which requires specialist assistance, then why not contact NiTEC UK?  We are Derbyshire based, leading specialists in the plating industry who offer a wide range of well-developed, tried and tested techniques which are not only high-end but also cost effective.  We have experience of working for the aerospace, medical, army and automotive industries, to name but a few and offer our services to the whole of the UK, Germany, France, Brazil and Holland.  Call us today on 0845 224 3571 or alternatively you can email us at

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