Oil and Gas Industry Job Growth and International Expansion

Oil and Gas Industry Job Growth and International Expansion

According to BBC News, the oil and gas sector in the UK is expected to create nearly 40,000 new jobs in the next two years. The survey was commissioned by the Bank of Scotland and analysed 100 UK companies. It found that the expectations of employment growth have increased this year, with 69% of company executives being optimistic about their prospects for growth in 2014 and 2015.


International Expansion for Oil and Gas Companies

The companies involved in the study also expressed that international expansion was a priority, with 64% of them already planning further growth in foreign markets in the next 2 years. The research was carried out by BDRC Continental, and analysed companies over a range of size, location and service type. There was also a study carried on the same topic last year, which found that companies in the oil and gas sector were expected to hire an extra 34,000 people over a period of two years.

“Excellent News for the Economy”

The commercial area director of the Bank of Scotland, Stuart White, said: “The findings of this report are excellent news for the economy, demonstrating the employment-generating nature of the oil and gas industry now and in the future. With most of the UK’s oil and gas firms clustered in Aberdeen and the north-east, Scotland should reap the largest share of these new jobs, however other parts of the UK will benefit from expansion plans.

“The results also demonstrate the global nature of the industry as more firms look to expand internationally and tap into the markets with the largest levels of recoverable reserves,” he explained. “With 44% of income already generated internationally, this is not a new trend, and reflects the reach UK firms have as the industry benefits from the expertise gained in the challenging North Sea environment.”

Coatings for Marine Corrosion Protection

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