Our Sponsored African Water Well is Now Up and Running!

Our Sponsored African Water Well is Now Up and Running!

We had some great news from AquAid this month about the well we sponsored in Africa. It is now up and running and we couldn’t be happier! AquAid were also kind enough to send us this great photo of the well and a few people from local village using it to pump fresh clean water.

Our well in Africa

AquAid not only supply the NiTEC offices with water coolers, they also spend lots of their time fundraising so that they can help to build water wells in Africa. These fresh water pumps are situated where it is needed most, and are making a huge difference to people’s lives in the process.

Running water that is clean and disease free is something we take very much for granted in the UK, but sadly it’s not a luxury for everyone. There are entire areas of Africa that don’t have access to clean, safe water, at all. But AquAid are hoping to change that, and we are right behind them. As well as our sponsorship, for every bottle of water that we buy from AquAid for the NiTEC offices and staff, a donation is made to The Africa Trust.

Aquaid and The Africa Trust

The Africa Trust was founded by AquAid to help to bring sustainable solutions to the poverty that is so prevalent in Africa. Their work involves securing the supply of clean, safe water, and the supply of decent sanitation in areas that so desperately need it. The other projects that The Africa Trust are involved in raise funds in order to help pay school fees, improve health clinics and also generate the funds that are needed to run orphanages.

NiTEC’s Commercial Director Marcus Hill said, “I’m absolutely delighted that we can help to support such a worthwhile and needy cause. It’s fantastic to be involved in supporting AquAid and The Africa Trust, everyone at NiTEC is thrilled to be involved and doing their bit to help.”

We are More than Just Electroless Nickel Plating!

We’ll keep you posted with any further developments with the well; in the meantime NiTEC will be doing our best to help other charities too. We recently donated £350 to the Handsworth Food Bank to help them with the cost of shelving. They have kindly put our name a wall in the food bank as a thank you for the help.

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