Marine Coatings for Sub-sea Corrosion Protection

Marine Coatings for Sub-sea Corrosion Protection

Effective corrosion protection for materials exposed to sub-sea environments is of the upmost importance. The life of oil rigs, pipeline connectors and pipes used to transport oil and gas can be significantly extended by using NiTEC’s new and exciting innovation for marine corrosion preventionSeaTEC 100.

Our marine coating is unprecedented within the industry for its fantastic corrosion resistance and can withstand salt-spray conditions for at least 3 and a half years. This revolutionary product has been developed and tested by our specialist team and is proven to protect mild steel from salt spray corrosion and marine corrosion for an extensive period of time, making it ideal for use in sub-sea conditions.

Marine Corrosion Protection

SeaTEC 100 marine corrosion protection is the perfect solution to increase the longevity of components used in subsea conditions. It effectively increases the strength of items such as pipeline connectors, valves and metal components where the material is at its weakest level. This product has been independently tested to withstand salt spray conditions for over 25,000 hours, a period of time that is unprecedented within the industry. It is also available in a variety of colours.

Using SeaTEC100 to extend the life of materials in sub-sea environments is also highly cost effective as it reduces (and in some cases avoids all together) downtime as a result of corroded parts. Therefore, SeaTEC100 is the ideal plating for oil rigs and pipes used to transport oil and gas.

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