Second Water Well in Africa to Be Sponsored by NiTEC Electroless Nickel Plating Company

Second Water Well in Africa to Be Sponsored by NiTEC Electroless Nickel Plating Company

Last year, NiTEC sponsored a water well for AquAid. The well has since been built in a village out in Africa and is in full working order, providing the community with a much needed source of fresh, clean water. We recently decided to go ahead with the sponsorship of a second well, in the hope of transforming the lives of even more people in Africa. We were really pleased to learn that our last well made a huge difference to people’s lives in that village, so we decided to continue with the good work. Obviously, we are very proud to be associated with such an amazing project, and delighted to be able to make such a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Fresh Drinking Water Wells in Africa

AquAid supply the NiTEC offices with water coolers. Their work involves raising funds in order to build fresh drinking water wells in areas of Africa where it is needed the most, such as schools and villages. And for every water bottle that we get from Aquaid for the NiTEC offices, a donation is made to the The Africa Trust. You may have noticed that we have a badge of support on our website, to let people know about this great cause, and show our commitment to helping Aquaid’s recent project installing the elephant pumps in parts of Africa.

The Elephant Pump Project

The Elephant Pump was awarded the St Andrews Medal for the Environment in 2005, competing against 250 other applicants. Prince Charles, a patron for the St Andrews Medal, gave a personal recommendation towards this option of water extraction: “Each project has had a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. While it is perhaps invidious to highlight just one of them, I believe a good example is the success of The Elephant Pump project. Based on a 2000-year-old Chinese technique for lifting water, The Elephant Pump is inexpensive, simple to make and repair and made from locally available materials which give users a greater sense of ownership. When more than a billion people live without access to clean drinking water in the world today, it is hard to imagine a better cause than this”.

UK Metal Plating Services

As experts in metal finishing services including electroless nickel plating and diffused nickel plating, we carry out metal plating for a variety of industries all over the world. For more information about NiTEC and the metal plating services that we offer, please call us on 0845 224 3571, email us at or visit the contact page on our website to make an enquiry. Our AquAid badge of support can also be viewed on the homepage of the NiTEC website.

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