Copper Plated Medical Clipboards to Help Fight Hospital Superbugs

Copper Plated Medical Clipboards to Help Fight Hospital Superbugs

As specialists in copper plating, NiTEC staff have launched a new service copper plating clipboards for use in hospitals. Copper plating is frequently used to plate laboratory and medical equipment because of its natural ability to kill bacteria on contact and, in hospitals, will help stop the spread of superbugs such as MRSA.

Copper plating is already used to plate door handles, push plates, and other equipment used in hospitals,” says NiTEC’s Commercial Director Marcus Hill. “I believe that by copper plating clinician’s clip boards, we can further contribute to providing an effective defence against the spread of infections in hospitals.”

Hospital-acquired infections are not only very common, but also very costly to the NHS. And recent research by carried out by the University of Southampton has shown that metallic copper surfaces kill microbes in minutes by causing significant membrane damage to the bacteria.

Copper has been proven to prevent the horizontal gene transfer in bacteria, which is to blame for antibiotic resistance, in turn increasing the number of health care associated infections. Horizontal gene transfer commonly takes place in hospitals on surface that are frequently touched. Copper plating contributes to the prevention of infection spread and gene transfer.

Copper plated clip boards are a logical step forward in the quest to reduce the spread of bacteria and provide extra protection alongside the standard hygiene practices in the hospital environment,” said Marcus.

To find out more about the copper plating service offered by NiTEC, please visit the copper plating page on our website, call 0845 224 3571 or email

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