Aluminium or Copper in Manufacturing and Why?

Aluminium or Copper in Manufacturing and Why?

Aluminium or Copper in Manufacturing and Why?

Okay so stating the obvious, yes, Copper and Aluminium are indeed both metals but that is probably the only close similarity they both have terms of in properties, appearance, weight, cost and capacitance.  It used to be that Aluminium was the metal of choice for many applications but it now seems that Copper has not only made a comeback but has actually taken over which has lead designers and manufacturers to switch over with their choice of metals too.

Copper, which is used in wiring and electrical equipment, is pure, which makes it incredibly strong.  Despite it this purity, it often does not seem to be strong enough to cope with a lot of electrical applications.  The properties of Aluminium alloys change depending on which processes they have been subjected to.  An example of this is when Aluminium is subjected to heat treatment.  This can make Aluminium a much harder, stronger and more resilient.

It seems that it has been a general misconception that Aluminium is too soft to use in many environments which is why people use compression connectors.  However, with the right design and changes made to plating, there is no need to use the compression connectors.  Through the use of alloys and processing, Aluminium can often be made to become just as useful and as strong as Copper is seen to be.  What do you think?

Copper Plating and Coating

Plating and coating surface treatments are common terms associated with many different metals. The most common reason for coating Aluminium and Copper is so that corrosion can be reduced and most common coating for these metals are Tin or silver.  Aluminium and Copper are both prone to rust and corrosion due to oxidisation which can cause parts to work inappropriately or not to work at all, therefore causing safety issues.

Find Out About Copper Plating

Copper Plating is decorative but normally used as it is an extremely functional metal.  It is often used for electricals, road mending techniques, medics and in telecommunications, it really is a multifunctional plating technique.  This is thanks to it being such an excellent conductor, its ability to shield against electro magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, and its excellent levelling properties.  Copper plating is highly thought of in the medical world especially due to the fact that it naturally kills bacteria, thus making it a great protector against infections and diseases, so often also used in laboratory settings, too.

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