Aluminium, Boron, Coating, Diamonds – The NiTEC Alphabet

Aluminium, Boron, Coating, Diamonds – The NiTEC Alphabet

Over the last decade or so, the demand for aluminium moulds has dramatically increased and this shows shows no sign of slowing down, changing or ceasing consistencyMetal coatings are provided for a range of fabricated metal components, but the largest business is currently mould plating and coating.  The demand for aluminium itself is increasing.  This is due to companies having discovered that aluminium moulds last longer than they ever were predicted to do so.  This longevity of the aluminium moulds can be enhanced further if buyers opt for the mould to be plated with electroless nickel.  This is cost effective and further life extending for aluminium tooling and has become extremely popular with suppliers in the automotive industry.  Alternatives to aluminium coating or plating can be nickel boron plating and nickel diamond plating which are also popular but aluminium remains the optimum and is only set to grown more so in demand.

Nickel Diamond Plating

Nickel Diamond Plating is where electroless nickel deposits combine with diamond particles.  Many substrates can be coated using this method such as carbon, aluminium, stainless steel and alloys.  When substrates are coated with this they become extremely highly corrosion and wear resistant and therefore their lifespan is increased greatly.  Part maintenance and replacement costs are reduced dramatically, as are the costs for such.  Industries such as textile industry, wood working tools, computer parts, paper handling equipment, automotive water pumps, chemical process pumps and gage blocks, all find this a useful and preferred technique in their industries.

Nickel Boron Plating

Nickel boron is a surface deposit coating that is applied to multiple metals including stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.  It is a great alternative to chrome plating because it has multiple benefits, including wear extension and corrosion resistance.  The nodular structure of nickel boron reduces drag in aerodynamic and fluids in circumstances such as ship propellers, down-hole oil crude oil pumping equipment, automotive and truck transmissions and greaseless guns.

NiTEC UK, the Specialist Plating Company

NiTEC UK are leading specialist in the plating industry, specialising in electroless nickel plating and are based in Derbyshire, England.  We have a wide range of developed techniques available to provide high-end and cost effective services for you.  We have a great deal of experience working with companies in the automotive, aerospace and military industries and offer our services to the whole of the UK, France Holland, Brazil and Germany.

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