Engineering Applications: 6 Reasons to Use Electroless Nickel Plating

Engineering Applications: 6 Reasons to Use Electroless Nickel Plating

As experts in electroless nickel plating, we’ve put together our top 6 advantages of the process. Electroless nickel plating is an incredibly functional finish that can offer massive advantages in the field of engineering, which we feel proves that this method is superior over conventional plating processes for engineering applications!

1. Corrosion Barrier

Electroless nickel provides a barrier against corrosion and erosion in especially demanding applications in the marine and offshore industry, and the petroleum industry.

2. Release Properties

Electroless nickel coatings also provide exceptional release properties due to their anti-stick surface. This self lubrication also reduces the wear of a component, which means that there is very little coating weight loss from friction between parts.

3. Increase Hardness with Heat Treatment

Another advantage of electroless nickel coatings is that they can be treated with heat in order to further increase the level of hardness of the deposit.

4. Strong, Chip Free Coating

With electroless nickel plating, there is no need to worry about the strength of the coating. Electroless nickel coatings do not chip, peel, flake or rub off like some coatings do, such as paints and lacquers. It can also be applied on its own without any other pre-surface treatments.

5. The Ability to Plate Irregular Shapes

In addition to the uniform deposit of electroless nickel, it is also able to plate irregular shapes uniformly. This means that should a part have recesses and crevices, the coating will be deposited on these parts evenly, regardless of the shape.

6. Uniform Deposition of Electroless Nickel Plating

Electroless nickel coatings provide a uniform deposition on the surface of the component, meaning that they are perfect for returning over worked or worn parts to their original shape.

UK Based Electroless Nickel Plating

Here at NiTEC, we have developed a comprehensive range of metal finishing processes and techniques to enable us to process a wide range of materials. Electroless nickel plating can be used for a wide spectrum of functional applications. For example, our high quality electroless nickel plating service is the perfect solution for critical high-end engineering items such as those used in the defence, healthcare, automotive and aerospace industries.

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