4 Facts about Diffused Nickel Plating

4 Facts about Diffused Nickel Plating

Diffused nickel plating is the most effective process of nickel coating, most often used in industrial marine equipment. Diffused nickel plating occurs when the encapsulation plating method is performed, resulting in a coating that is highly resistant to corrosion – even more so than high-grade stainless steel, and far less expensive too!

But aside from the fact that it is highly corrosion-resistant, what do we know about diffused nickel plating?

It Is More Corrosion Resistant than Many Steels

As mentioned above, diffused nickel plating is more resistant from corrosion than even the highest grade stainless steel! This makes the process of diffused nickel plating revolutionary.

The secret behind the corrosion resistance is the creation of a coating that protects the base metal from oxidizing and rusting. This process is also frequently used in food processing and prevents contamination with iron.

It Can Increase the Hardness of Mechanical Parts and Tools

Diffused nickel coating is a process that benefits a lot of industries, especially when it comes to mechanical parts and tools. From the automotive to the manufacturing industry, nickel plates are proven to increase the hardness of each mechanical part and hence guarantee strength and top quality.

It Is Used in Many Industries

Diffused nickel plating is a process that is common in many industries, and has been extensively used in the end-fittings for flexible pipe lines and top-side equipment.

In a nutshell, the diffused nickel components are the backbone of many manufacturing industries worldwide. They are used for automotive systems, metal coatings, electrical systems, but due to its aforementioned extreme corrosion resistance, diffused nickel plating is most often used in marine or salt environments.

It Can Create a Variety of Beautiful Decorative Finishes

Often, where utility is the main concern, aesthetics can be overlooked – and this is certainly the case with diffused nickel plating. Aside from being a revolutionary process when it comes to ensuring corrosion-resistance, durability and strength, diffused nickel plating can be used to create an array of decorative finishes that include chrome-like gleam, brushed stainless steel colours or even metallic black.

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